Partners for education

The library is your partner. We care about your students and your curriculum. Please use the library as a part of your teaching, and as a tool for your students.

Here are a few of the things we can help you do:
  • Help your students research. Let us make your job easier. At the library, we have a curriculum too, and part of that involves teaching students how to use information. For example, we have guidelines for research on our site, as well as access to information. Bring your students down for orientation, and then bring them again and again to learn.

  • Be a resource in your classroom. Librarians aren't chained to the library. We can come to your classroom and help there as well. Whether writing, searching, browsing the 'Net, discovering a book, or meeting historical characters, we're here to help you. Please let us know in advance and we will be your resource.

  • Find resources for you. Are you looking for games, web quests, sites, or sources to help you teach? We specialize in media. Let us find some of your tools.

  • Let people know what's happening in your class. One of our features is called "Classrooms" and lets students know what's happening around the school. With a short note, you can encourage interest in your subject and let students and parents know what's happening. This brings the classroom to the students.

  • Highlight events. There's always something happening in the world, and we can draw attention to it. Whether you'd like to celebrate the life of a historical character, pinpoint an event, invention or idea, or just teach students something new, we can spotlight it in the library. Check out our main page for this week's spotlight and related featured books.

  • Encourage your students to find out more about your subject. Let us set up a library corner with books and resources. Whatever you're studying, we can find something to feature in the library.

  • Give you space to work. Sometimes, you just need to get your students out of your classroom. When they need computers, or just a different work environment, schedule some time with us. We'd love to have you.

If you need anything else, we're always open to new ideas in the library. Please contact me: library@myschool.us

You know where to reach me!

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