You're a vital part of our school community

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​We would love to have you stop by. There are many opportunities for the community to see what the students are doing and the library is the place for you. Please see our list of upcoming events for great moments to share with your family. When visiting during school hours, please stop by the main office for a pass.

Helping Your Student

​The students here will spend many hours in the library. There will be opportunities for research and reading, exploration and adventure. We're here to assist along the way. We are open before and after school so that your student will have a safe and comfortable place to study, read, or visit with others. Please get to know the library so that we can work together for your child's success.

Contact the Library

We know that parents sometimes have questions or concerns about their children's education. We are here to serve you and the community, and would love to know what's on your mind. We're also looking for community events, authors, and people who will inspire kids. Please, drop us a note to help us better serve you.

Volunteer Opportunities

We have spaces for both students and parents to volunteer at the library. If your student would like to volunteer, this may be done before or after school, or as a teacher's assistant. Students will need to fill out applications and be accepted for the position. If you would like to volunteer, we also have applications available online which will need to be turned in at the main office. Please see our forms page for more information.

Thank you for your interest in the library! Please contact us for more information.

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