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Library Rules Form


Library Rules
Students will need to return this document before any materials can be checked out from the library. It acknowledges that students have read and understand the library rules, and will agree to abide by them. Only the final part of the Library Rules Form needs to be returned, and this page is the same as the Internet Use Form.

Internet Use Form

Internet Use
Before students are allowed onto the Internet, the Internet Use Form must be signed by a parent or guardian. This explains the rules for Internet use at the school. Only the final portion of this form needs to be returned, and this page is the same as the Library Rules Form. Parents may choose to give permission for library use and not the Internet, if desired.

Materials Request

Materials Request
Teachers, if you'd like to reserve materials early, this is the way to do so. Students, if you need materials for a presentation or a school project, the library may be able to help. Please fill out a request form, and we'll get back to you and let you know if we can fill your needs.

Missing Book Notice

Missing Book
If a student claims a book has been returned, and it cannot be located, the student must fill out a Missing Book notice. This will help the library find misplaced books, order new books, and help settle student accounts. If this form has not been filled out, it will be assumed the student still has the book and late fees and fines will be charged. Parents may fill out this form if needed.

Volunteer Form for Students

Volunteer Form
If a student would like to participate as a library aide, this form must be completed. This is also true of those volunteering before and after school. This short form will help narrow down selection for aides.

Volunteer Form for Parents

Volunteer Form
For parents who would like to spend time volunteering at the school, there are steps that must be taken for the safety of students. Please fill out the paperwork and return it to the main office. We appreciate your support!

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