Finding Books Where to go and how to get them

When you first enter the libraryfind.jpg, it can be overwhelming. Books are everywhere! To find what you're looking for, here are some guidelines:


Fiction books are arranged by the last name of the author. They are found under the windows on the west side of the library, in the long cases in the middle of the library, and the paperback books are on the tall book racks. All fiction books have a call number on the spine of the book that starts with the letter "F." This is followed by the first three letters of the author's last name


Non-fiction books and reference materials are arranged by topic. Each topic is given a number according to the Dewey Decimal System. The numbers start with the 000's which are near the check-out desk. They wrap around the room clockwise and end with the 900's by the copy machine. Each book is labeled with the letters NF on the spine for non-fiction, followed by the Dewey Decimal Number.

The Catalog

The library catalog is located on every computer in the library. The three computers nearest the check-out desk only have the catalog and not the Internet or other programs, so they're usually free to use. Books may be located by author, title, subject, or key word. Authors are found by last name. You can search for titles too. If you do not know the author or title, try a subject search. For example, if you wanted a book on engines, you could type "engines' into a subject search and you would be directed to appropriate books. Key word searches are similar, but are limited to specific words in the title.

Checking Out

Once you have your book, bring it up to the front desk. You will need your student identification number to take the book out of the library. If you do not have it, we can look it up if there isn't a long line.

Returning Books

Returning books is easy! Slide the book through the book-drop slot and it will be checked back in. You may also return books by bringing them to the desk. Remember to return them on time so that others can enjoy reading.

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