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What should you ask the librarian?librarian.jpg
Anything you want! The library is all about what you want to learn. Here are a few things the librarian is especially good at answering.
  • Where to find information and resources
  • Research ideas and tips
  • How to get materials from other locations
  • Information about specific books
  • What's new and exciting around the school

What shouldn't you ask the librarian?
  • Answers to test questions
  • To do your homework for you
  • Anything too personal

How to ask
The easiest way to ask is face to face, but there may be other people wanting the same thing. I wish I could answer all questions immediately, but if I can't, here are a few other options:
  • If you have a wikispaces account, click on "discussion" above. That will post a discussion directly on this site. Be warned, anything you publish will be public, and anyone can see them. Remember that the library rules still apply in discussions.
  • Drop a note at my desk. Please give me a way to contact you by letting me know who you are and how to reach you. If you want to remain anonymous, this is a great way to give me information.
  • Send me an email. You can reach me at Please don't send any junk mail!
  • Do you Skype?
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